St. Xavier's School

Arrah, Bhojpur[Dist], Bihar

Patron Saint of the School Born in a Basque Noble family in Spain, St. Xavier was a man wanting to accomplish great deeds in the world. But inspired by the words of St. Ignatius “What profits a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”, his zeal became to do greater things for God. He came to Goa in India in 1542, established the first Educational Institution in Goa in 1542 (St. Paul’s). For the next 10 years this great missionary travelled from Goa to Cape Comorin, to East Indies, Malacca, Moluccas, Japan and finally on his way to China he died on the 3rd of December 1552. May our Patron Saint inspire and bless us to strive for excellence in life.
Dear Students and parents, Be informed of all the latest news, notices, and upcoming events happening at our school. To stay up-to-date and interested, regularly check our bulletin boards and newsletters. Let's make sure that every moment counts as a team. Get involved, stay up-to-date, and we can create memorable moments together!

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